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DP Gachagua’s Sh1.1bn demand for cars, drinks and food rejected



In September, during the call for austerity measures, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s requests for an additional Sh1.1 billion for cars, transport, and refreshments were turned down.

On September 7, two days after the Supreme Court unanimously upheld William Ruto’s victory in the presidential election, Mr. Gachagua made a request for an extra Sh1.6 billion through the State House.

In the early years of Ruto’s administration, the controversial former Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani rejected the request and provided an additional Sh500 million, claiming a lack of funds.

Mr. Gachagua required Sh300 million to buy a fleet of vehicles, Sh330 million for catering (food, drinks, and lodging), Sh50 million for office furniture, Sh110 million for gasoline and car maintenance, and Sh550 million for other undisclosed costs.

President Ruto reduces expenditure on the current budget by Sh14 billion.

The request for additional funds for non-core expenses came at a time when Mr. Gachagua had urged Kenyans to make financial sacrifices in preparation for tough economic times after taking over what he alleged to be a bankrupt government

Additionally, it surfaced at a time when President Ruto had declared spending cuts to reduce the fiscal imbalance.

The additional cash for Mr Gachagua was also going to fund the activities of the DP’s spouse, according to a requisition letter sent to Mr Yatani by the then Comptroller of State House Kinuthia Mbugua.

Mr Mbugua noted that the Deputy President’s office needed the additional funds following his increased activities.

“The Office of the Deputy President under the Executive Office of the President Vote 1100 has continued to experience increased activities during the FY 2023,” he said.

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