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Dr Ofweneke: I have attempted suicide three times



By Wanja Waweru

Comedian and media figure Dr. Ofweneke has been transparent about his previous battles with mental illness. The bubbly comedian, whose actual name is Sande Bush, also disclosed that none of his family members were aware of his three suicide attempts.

According to him, a lot of attempts at suicide are made by people who have lost their sense of self-worth, have no reason to live another day, have given into an automatic suggestion of negativity, and don’t feel like they fit.

“The first time I tried committing suicide, I was around class two-three and was living with my late aunt and uncle. I alternated the days of the week like; Monday I go to school, Tuesday I go to Malaba forest,” he recounted.

Then people used to till in the forest and since Ofweneke’s uncle had trucks of land that were tilled, the young Ofweneke would be tasked to be there 6:30-7:00 am.

“My parents had separated and were living in Nairobi. I had thatched a hut there and would boil some grains with salt for lunch. I never felt that I belonged,” he recalled.

Ofweneke tied a string to the rafters because she was tired of living. He was unaware that the fire he had been using to prepare had weakened the rafters.

He planned to try again later after his efforts that day were unsuccessful.

“Since there were some days I stayed in the forest and there were monkeys and baboons, I planned not to run away when they are having their army fight. I wanted them to beat me to death since I had watched them do that.”

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Dr Ofweneke would then see the troop coming and stay put. Though they scratched him, he was rescued and was so pissed off.

“On the Kakamega-Webuye-Kabras-Malaba main route, I threw myself in front of a pickup. The car swerved and it missed me. That was the third and final time,” he said.

He says now he understands why all his attempted suicide failed.

“God had a purpose for my life. I believe there are lives I have touched.”

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