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PHOTOS: Drama as Gloria Orwoba kicked out of senate for wearing stained attire, claims she’s on her period



By Wanja Waweru

There was drama in Parliament on Tuesday when Nominated Senator Gloria Orwoba was expelled from a Senate plenary meeting for wearing dirty clothes.

Senator Orwoba had arrived at the meeting dressed in a white jacket, green top, and identical white pants with a pink stain.

The lawmaker claimed to be on her periods and described the stain as the product of “a natural mishap” in an interview with Citizen Digital after being chased out of the Senate.

Additionally, Ms. Orwoba referred to the criticism she received from her House colleagues as “period stigma,” which she claims affects many young women in the country.“Unfortunately, I’ve been kicked out because I’m on my periods and we’re not supposed to show our periods when we’re on our periods,” she said.

“That’s the kind of period stigma that girls and women are having out there, to the extent that they actually kill themselves. The stigma starts from not accepting a very natural thing like having your periods.”

She has a motion on Free Sanitary towels ending period poverty.

The motion seeks to facilitate provision of feminine hygiene products in all public schools, ensure that all schools that don’t have bathrooms that facilitate privacy, cleanliness or proper disposal of hygiene products are properly equipped, create awareness and take advocacy measures on reproductive health issues related to period poverty, include in the curriculum a dedicated lesson per week to teach girls on menstrual hygiene and ensure that sanitary products will be obtainable timely, consistently, and in a way that respects the dignity of concerned persons.

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