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Eight on the run after allegedly robbing off driver, turnboy their lorry



By Wanja Waweru

A manhunt has been started by the police for a group that attacked a truck driver and his turnboy in the Huku neighborhood of Narumoru, Nyeri County, before escaping with the truck to an unidentified location.

According to reports, Peter Mwangi, a sand supplier, received a request for seven lorries of sand from a caller he did not recognize, and he subsequently forwarded the caller to his employer.

The two decided that the sand would be provided on the job site. Mwangi called the client to confirm delivery on the agreed-upon day at 8:00 am, but there was no answer. When the client called back later, around 2:00 pm, he said that he was in Kiganjo and that they should bring the sand there.

After the client stalled communicating in the evening, Mwangi decided to call off the agreement and head back to Nyeri. The customer called to let him know they would be meeting when he got to Narumoru.

They met at the Toll area and traveled together to the Kwa Huku location, where the sand delivery was scheduled.

Mwangi requested the client to show him where to dump the sand when they got to the job site. Soon, eight individuals brandishing simple weapons attacked Mwangi and his turnboy.

“At once, eight individuals with crude weapons appeared and began hitting them. Before traveling to an unidentified location, they blindfolded Mwangi and his turnboy and turned them on both hands, their mouths, and their eyes, the police report stated.

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The signals from the police-tracked vehicle showed that the lorry was in the Matanya neighborhood of Laikipia Central. A search of the region, though, proved fruitless.

The lorry is still being tracked by police as they do more inquiries.



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