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Esther Musila reveals biggest challenge in marriage with Guardian Angel



By Olivia Mungwana.

Ms Musila admitted that her biggest concern is privacy, as she can’t go anywhere without being observed, in a Q&A session with her Instagram family.

She indicated categorically that she is unconcerned about negativity.

“How do you manage to stay afloat despite so much criticism? I admire the way Guardian loves you” the user wrote.

“Minding my own business. Oh he love me.

“I simply don’t entertain them. I will never live anyone’s life but mine,” she responded.

Esther said in a different post that her mother-in-law was not present in their wedding since she lives in Canada.

Ms Musila stated her dissatisfaction with those who put pressure on married couples to have children without understanding what the couple’s goals are in this respect in January 2022.

Mrs Omwaka, enraged, chose to respond to a fan who asked when she and her new husband will have children in a message on her page.

“Congratulations, tunangoja watoto sasa (we’re now waiting for you to have kids),” commented the fan.

Esther retorted with a fast response. “Wako? Tunakuzalia ama? (Where are they? Are we getting pregnant on your behalf?)”

Esther is the mum of three adult children.   Her social media pages reveal that she is pleased to be a mother and has given her children the nickname “the 3G’s.”

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