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Ex-KDF soldier arrested after stabbing man to death in fight over barmaid



By Wanja Waweru

A former Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldier is being detained by detectives in Kitengela after he is accused of stabbing a 26-year-old college student over a dispute over a bartender.

After being smoke out of their hiding place in Kitui County, Mr. Nicholas Mwaniki, 39, and his girlfriend Ms. Farida Osman, 24, were both detained on Sunday.

Police have named Mr. Jibrir Mohammed as the student who was reportedly stabbed by Mr. Mwaniki inside a Kitengela pub.

After asking Ms. Osman to clean up the blood that had poured everywhere, they both left the area for an unidentified location.

According to a police report obtained by Nairobi News, the two left the dead man’s body at the location and fled the scene.

Everything began when Mr. Mwaniki, who runs the bar and hired Ms. Osman there, enticed Mr. Mohamed there.

“Investigations reveal that the deceased had a love affair with Osman. The bar owner was also in a relationship with her and they had on several occasions fought over the woman,” the report reads in part.

It further revealed that on Thursday last week, Mr Mohamed was invited to the bar for a drink when Mr Mwaniki stormed the premises and stabbed him to death.

The two had gotten into a fight before the suspect pulled a knife and repeatedly stabbed the victim.

Mr. Ancient Kaloki, the police chief for Isinya Sub County, reported that witnesses claimed they heard a disturbance inside the bar and discovered the deceased’s body lying in a pool of blood when they went to investigate what had happened.

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The victim later underwent emergency transport to Kitengela Sub-County Hospital, where he was declared dead upon arrival.

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