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Fake weight loss doctors in court for scamming patient



A woman was allegedly tricked into giving money by two suspects who claimed to be able to assist her lose weight.

Both Susan Francis and the purported doctor, Mwangi Waweru (pictured above), were accused of scamming Judith Mawia Munyoki on various occasions from August 18 to 24.

They allegedly made up a story to imply that they would give her an injection that she could administer herself to lose weight.

According to reports, the complainant made a point of seeing Mwangi after hearing from a friend that he had assisted women in body-shaping. It is claimed that the complainant sent the money to the accused in three payments following the meeting.

Days later, the complainant reportedly discovered—while at a guest house in Rongai—two men – including Waweru who allegedly introduced himself as a specialized doctor.

The complainant reportedly found herself forced to ask why she was being told to lie on a bed and that the clinic was busy and that the operation needed a lot of privacy, so she did.

After massaging and cleaning her stomach with methylated spirit, the three departed, saying the supposed doctor had gone to get supplies for the surgery.

Having spent three hours in the room by herself, the complaint realized she had been tricked. She went to the Embakasi Police Station and reported the issue. The defendants were sent free after posting a Sh70,000 cash bond and denying the allegations. On March 27, 2024, there will be a hearing in this matter.

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Health Science

Wellahealth expands Healthsend Africa into Kenya



Wellahealth, a leading healthcare technology company, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its groundbreaking product, Healthsend Africa, into Kenya.

This strategic move marks a significant milestone for the company as it continues its mission to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable to people in Africa and beyond.

Healthsend Africa by Wellahealth empowers users to access an extensive array of healthcare services for their loved ones residing in Kenya.

These services encompass the procurement of authentic medications for chronic illnesses, for now.

Other services provided by Healthsend Africa such as the arrangement of doctor appointments, accessing health insurance products and the remote monitoring of health conditions, will be added in the coming months.

Furthermore, the platform streamlines the process of transferring funds to cover medical expenses, guaranteeing complete transparency in fund utilization. This, in turn, simplifies healthcare management for families separated by geographical distances.

“I am excited to announce that we are launching our Healthsend product in Kenya. This is a testament to our commitment to bring healthcare to the doorsteps of every African”, Dr Neto Ikpeme, Wellahealth’s CEO, said. “I built this product to solve the problem of accessing quality medicine and care for my family. I am glad to extend this to many families abroad with families back home in Kenya and the rest of Africa”.

Wellahealth Expands to Kenya

The expansion of Healthsend by Wellahealth into Kenya, Uganda and the rest of Africa, led by Joseph Okoroafor, Healthsend’s Product Owner and Growth Marketing executive, comes after a successful rollout in Nigeria, where the platform has garnered significant praise for its innovation and impact.

It also marks a significant milestone for Wellahealth, as the company continues to provide much-needed solutions to the challenges faced by both patients and healthcare providers in the continent, whilst empowering individuals with the ability to confidently manage the health of their loved ones, no matter where they are in the world.

This move aligns with Wellahealth’s mission to improve healthcare accessibility, affordability, and quality across Africa.

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Ministry of Health to end deal with Cuban doctors



The government has declared that it would not extend its contract with Cuban physicians who were brought to the nation six years ago to cover shortages at county hospitals, according to Health Cabinet Secretary Nakhumicha Wafula.

The 2017 agreement between Kenya and Cuba brought an engagement program to reality, whereby Kenyan doctors would travel to Cuba for specialized training and Cuban doctors would assist in Kenyan hospitals.

“We have decided not to renew the agreement with the Cuban doctors. Our very own healthcare professionals are committed to the cause,” Nakumicha noted.

Nakumicha expressed confidence in the ability of Kenyan doctors to handle operations across Kenyan hospitals competently.

“As a ministry, I am confident that we will have a highly motivated workforce,” the CS said in a statement.

The deal that Kenya and Cuba inked while previous President Uhuru was in office was dogged by controversy since local medical professionals disapproved of the action.

Kenyan physicians expressed their displeasure at being marginalized, contending that they are capable of carrying out all the tasks that their Cuban colleagues could, adding that all they needed was the medical equipment and compensation to carry out their duties.

Local physicians disagreed with the action as well, saying it was unjust to the unemployed medical professionals in Kenya.

Nevertheless, Cuba has been recognized as having one of the greatest healthcare systems in the world.

This is because, in contrast to the curative approach to medicine, which had been extensively used in Kenya, its emphasis is on prevention.

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Health Science

DJ Krowbar appeals for financial help for his ailing wife



Well-known gospel DJ DJ Krowbar, who has won numerous awards, has appealed to the public for donations to help him support Wanjiru Karumba, his wife, who is now fighting kidney disease.

During an interview with Lulu Hassan, the gifted mixmaster opened up about their difficult path and discussed the life-altering medical diagnosis that they received.

It all began in April 2022 when Wanjiru’s lethargy, appetite loss, and swelling legs led her to seek immediate medical assistance.

“I rushed to the hospital and they checked all the organs to ensure I could not get a stroke or heart attack. I was called to the hospital after the tests. They said I had an acute kidney injury. Unfortunately, the doctor told us that there is no treatment, and I had to start with dialysis,” Wanjiru explained.

The medical disorder known as acute kidney damage occurs when the kidneys suddenly stop functioning properly.

The couple sought out several medical opinions as they accepted the seriousness of the situation. During that time, DJ Krowbar significantly reduced his weight.

“I could not sleep and it was tough for both of us. We went to the third hospital and they referred to the first hospital just to verify. They had to manage the pressure so that we start treatment. I was in HDU for one week waiting her pressure to rise again. Mental health due to denial was at stake. I had also lost a lot of weight,” Wanjiru recounted.

This week’s Wednesday saw DJ Krowbar post on social media about his wife’s severe condition. Wanjiru, whose therapy is currently nearing its end, needs a kidney transplant, which is expected to cost at least Sh6 million.

Despite their lack of resources, the couple is optimistic that they can overcome their difficulties with the help of well-wishers, and DJ Krowbar is urging the people to stick with them.

“When this journey began, I remember joining hands with my wife saying, ‘One day we shall see the end of this.’ Now the end is right ahead of us, and we need your prayers and financial help to hold our hands to make this miracle a reality,” he said.

In a touching video message, DJ Krowbar praised his wife for her resilience and bravery in the face of adversity.

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