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Family of renowned Kenya Bishop, Allan Kiuna, reveals the cause of his death




Bishop Allan Kiuna, well-known for his significant role as the co-founder and senior pastor of Jubilee Christian Church (JCC) in Nairobi, has passed away.

“He died at a hospital in Nairobi where he was admitted,” according to a family spokesperson. “Kiuna had been hospitalized after his health worsened on Tuesday,” as reported by a family friend.

Following the news of his death, friends and family gathered at his residence in Runda. Kiuna had been battling multiple myeloma cancer since 2018/2019. This form of cancer originates from abnormal plasma cells that accumulate in the bone marrow, forming tumors in various bones of the body.

“Bishop Kiuna, husband of Bishop Kathy Kiuna of JCC, was widely regarded as a dedicated individual by many who mourned his passing.”

Multiple myeloma cancer disrupts normal blood cell production in the bone marrow, replacing healthy cells with cancerous ones that can produce harmful proteins leading to complications.

“In 2019, Bishop Kiuna publicly shared his cancer battle, expressing gratitude for God’s support during the challenging journey.”

JCC was founded in January 1999 by Bishop Kiuna and his wife Reverend Kathy, who continue to lead the congregation.


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