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Female Law Graduate Hits the Street with Placard and CV in Search of Job



They say desperate times call for desperate measures. This is the case of a lady who recently took to the street with a placard and CV in a bid to get hired.

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The lady resorted to street job-hunting after her plan A and B failed Photo Credit: LinkedIn/Sania Mutwanamba
Source: UGC

In her LinkedIn post, the female graduate named Sania Mutwanamba, capturing her act, said it became a necessary move after plan A and B were futile.

According to Sania, plan A had her email almost every day to various employers with no success. This took her to plan B, which involved going door to door, but this too yielded nothing positive.

Sania said she had nothing to lose advertising herself, stressing that job hunting is depressing and painful.

Her post reads:

“My name is Sania (the placard lady on the street/robots). I hold LLB (Wits) and looking for a job.

“I sent emails almost everyday with no luck (Plan A). I also tried door to door (Plan B) in April but it wasn’t fruitful as most companies I went to did not allow entry so I left my CVs with the security guards. Unfortunately nothing happened. I decided to hit the street (Plan C) and advertise myself.

“Today I woke up early (cold as it was) and hit the street with a placard and copies of my CV at hand. Honestly, it was the best decision ever.

“I spend the whole week thinking about it and reminding myself that I have more to gain and nothing to lose by putting myself out there.

“Job hunting is painful and depressing. But we will get there. Don’t lose hope, go out there and show yourself, you don’t know who is looking.”

While some LinkedIn users threw their weight behind her as they made comments showing solidarity to her desperate efforts, others found it inspiring.

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Craig Rominger said:

“Sania Mutwanamba take a look at job postings for Stellenbosch University, if there is a position you want to apply for, let me know and I will reach out ahead of time for you.”

Emeka Agwaraonye stated;

”Am inspired!!!!

“Am on job hunting too (almost a year now), and have tried yout plan A to C, and i can relate its never easy. And your last plan, so daring and committing.. I sincerely pray you get a great job, cos you are great !!!”

Zinhle Rasmen wrote:

“I am motivated by you. I am 100% certain that recruiters will see this and a way forward will be found. You are soo brave. Doing what many of us are scared to do . This journey of being admitted is a hard one.”


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