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Finlays Kenya confirms firing of its contractors after BBC’s ‘Sex for Work’ exposé



By Wanja Waweru

Finlay, James Kenya has announced that it has suspended two people who were negatively mentioned in a BBC investigative article that claimed casual workers on Kericho tea fields were sexually harassed.

The multinational business said on January 21 that it has ended its contract with Sislo Holdings, a business owned by John Chebochok.

Chebochok was caught on tape by undercover cameras requesting sexual favors from women in exchange for employment on the tea fields, according to the BBC.

He was sacked before the documentary aired early this week.

In order to protect the livelihoods of the 300 contractors who were working with the company through Sislo, Finlays described the testimonies of the victims as “very distressing and upsetting” and stated that it has provided direct employment to all of them.

The business reported that John Asava, who was also caught on camera preying on female employees in exchange for a job, had been fired.

Asava and Chebochok have been forbidden from entering the company’s facilities, according to Finlays.

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