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Fitness enthusiast Mukami celebrates 22 years of being in the US



Courtesy of Jane Mukami
I am celebrating 22 years since I came to the US from Kenya🥳🎊
Coming to the US was never my first choice.
I wanted to go to Canada, got accepted to a college but was declined a Visa. I was sad and depressed for about a month then decided to try the US.
This time the process was easier and 2 weeks after getting the Visa I left Kenya headed to college in Georgia. I was 20.
22 years later what do I like about the US?
1. Process – there is a process for EVERYTHING and everyone must follow the same process for most things – no bribing
2. Availability of jobs – If you’re focused, not lazy or proud and ready to do whatever it takes, you will thrive.
My first job was a cashier at Wendy’s (a fast food joint) making minimum wage despite the fact that in Kenya I had a great job in technology.
I worked 2 to 3 jobs sometimes 4 in the summer to save enough money to pay tuition $5000 to $6500 per semester – 500k to 650k and for this I graduated without any student debt.
Shout out to Suzanne Bennet. A friendly 75-year-old lady whom I met while volunteering at a homeless shelter in 2002.
We became friends and her family’s foundation paid my tuition for a semester in 2003. When I called to thank her I found out she’d passed on a few days earlier. I never got to say thank you or goodbye😩
3. Great services & conveniences that make life easier.
4. You can succeed as long as you work hard.
What I don’t like: Cons?
1. Cold weather – 22 yrs later I still hate winter. That’s why I’m writing this from warm sunny Florida #locationfreedom
2. Racism – something I knew nothing about until I came here
3. It takes a long time to settle in – learning the culture, credit system, how things work etc. About 2 years.
4. Exposure to a lot more things that can lead you astray – drugs, gambling and such
5. Low quality of life – a lot of time spent working #paperchasing not enough time to live life or enjoy time with loved ones. 2 weeks vacation time 🤦‍♀️ that part I really hated when I worked in corporate America coming from 4 weeks vacation time In Kenya
Not really a con but you have to work hard to have a good life.
My definition of a good life (for me) is having freedom – financial freedom, time freedom and location freedom – the ability to work from anywhere in the world and living life on my terms.
I’ve been able to create this life by following my passion of helping lose weight while eating normal Kenya food including carbs and without having to work out. Learn more
In 2014 I made a partial move to Kenya and spent time between the 2 countries.
In 2017 I decided to remain in the US because it works for me. I like it here. But Kenya is still home #KenyanDamu
There is no perfect country, they all have pros and cons.
What really matters is who you are (your character), the choices you make, knowing what you want, a great attitude, staying focused and committed to your goals & dreams

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