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Form 4 student among three suspects arrested with stolen phones, TVs, police uniforms



By Wanja Waweru

Along with two other suspects, Form Four student from Bukosia Secondary School in Busia County has been detained on suspicion of participating in theft.
The three suspects were detained on Thursday on the outskirts of Busia town after being discovered in possession of stolen things such television sets, cell phones, police uniforms, knives, laptops, pangas, and various types of alcohol, according to Busia County Police Commander Maxwell Nyaema.

“Tulipokuwa tunaendelea na patrol yetu, tuliwapata na kuwashika vijana watatu. Tuko na wao hapa na ni vijana wadogo sana na ata mmoja ni mwanafunzi wa shule. Kitu cha ajabu kabisa ni kwamba pia walikua wanavuta bangi kwa hiyo nyumba, hiyo bangi tuko nayo pia,” Nyaemba explained.|

“Iko uniform kadhaa ya vikosi mbalimbali katika nchi ya Kenya mpaka ya NYS. Si kwamba ni watu wametoka Uganda, hawa ni vijana wa hapa hapa Busia.”

In order to combat nighttime crimes, including robberies and burglaries, he declared that police would increase patrols.
At the Busia Police Station, the accused are being held while they await arraignment.
Before meeting County Commissioner Sam Ojwang, members of the Busia church brought up the subject of increased crime.

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