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Former Miss Kenya Emma Too shares why models need to have a plan B



By Wanja Waweru

Former beauty pageant winner and catwalk queen Emma Too has provided some insight into the glitzy industry.

Being the center of attention as you walk the runway with cameras flashing might make modelling seem like a wonderful career.

Because of this, more young people are entering various beauty pageants in an effort to get spotted by influential scouts. Nevertheless, it seems there is more to it than just striding down the runway in the face of all this.

“Before you get into modelling the individual has to understand that this is a very temporary career based on age and looks and very few people can do it for a long time. There is always a new model coming up,” Former Miss Kenya Emma Too explains.

Unlike other professions, Ms Too says the career of a model can end in a blink of an eye.

“The life span is very short you must always work on plan B, the fact that the industry is not doing well speaks more about the economics of the country and not necessarily that there are no good models in Kenya,” Ms Too said.

“It also stems from a point where we do not value what they have to offer, it is a profession that is frowned upon, and even when I started it was frowned upon. A lot of girls are getting into it thinking that it is glamorous it is not, in fact, it involves a lot of work. It works on your self-esteem if you are not a strong person you can never survive as a model,” she said.

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Modeling has a dark side, and if a person is not strong enough to handle it, it can damage their mental health.

“What I mean when I say strong is that you can go for an audition and you will hear the reasons why you were not picked was maybe because your nose is too big or your feet are too big. There is this understanding that because you are a model you have no substance or say it has been known as the blonde career. But I am an individual who runs a successful business I live in my own home, who I was, does not matter where I am and where I am going is what matters,” Ms Too said.

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