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Former President Uhuru Kenyatta to resign as Azimio Chairman



Former president Uhuru Kenyatta plans to leave his post as Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Alliance chairman.

In an interview with a local newspaper-The Nation, deputy chair of the Jubilee party David Murathe said that the Azimio council would soon call a meeting to approve his resignation.

The former president is said to have resigned in order to concentrate on the East African peace project that he is leading.

“We will be having a meeting very soon where he will formally resign as the chairman of the Azimio council. Obviously, you cannot have two drivers steering a bus. This vehicle called Azimio now has one driver and that driver is Jakom (Mr Odinga),” Murathe said.

According to Murathe, Uhuru will now leave the mantle to Raila and Azimio systems.

“He is now above local politics. Going forward, everything is Jakom and the Azimio system. The council will sit and make a decision about who takes up the position but the overall leader of Azimio is now Jakom and there is no ambiguity about it,” Murathe said.

Legally, Kenyatta will also be required to quit active politics and resign as Azimio la Umoja council chairman to enjoy all benefits that come with being a former head of state.

The law makes it mandatory that a retired Head of State cannot hold office in any political party for more than six months after ceasing to hold office as President.