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Free surgery restores smile of assaulted Nairobi hawker



Anthony Maina, a hawker who lost five of his teeth after being assaulted by three Nairobi County inspectorate officers in July, can finally afford a smile.

Dr Kennedy Carson Opiyo from Kenya Orthodontics said Mr Maina is on his way to recovery after a successful surgery to fix a broken jaw and teeth.

Dr Opiyo said the surgery removed broken sharp bony spicules from Mr Maina’s broken jaw. He said a heavy impact on the lower jaw left it broken at two points.

“The X-ray showed the young man had a broken jaw, some loose teeth and a deranged bite. The two broken points were at the back and the front meaning the lower jaw was hanging loosely,” he said

Dr Opiyo said the procedures were done at no cost as many of their loyal clients requested them to help Mr Maina.

“We decided to help so we did it for free. Maina is recovering at the moment and is due for a review in two weeks,” he said.

What happened

It is alleged that Mr Maina was hit with a metal rod while handcuffed, by city inspectorate officers identified as Humphrey Muswangi, Hassan Chege and Dennis Macharia.

The assault took place on July 2 after he failed to raise a bribe of Sh100 allegedly demanded by the officers as he only had Sh20.

He lost five teeth and suffered a broken jaw.

Mr Maina and the three county askaris last Tuesday reached an out-of-court settlement that will see him paid Sh427,200 as compensation.

According to the agreement, the compensation for loss and damage of five teeth amounts to Sh300,000 – Sh60,000 for each tooth – while Sh56,000 was for the broken jaw.

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The officers will pay him Sh4,000 for fare and transportation, Sh37,800 for food, Sh15,000 for two months’ rent and Sh14,400 for clinic visits.

The agreement stated that Mr Maina would receive the first instalment of Sh160,000 on August 3, Sh50,000 on August 8 and Sh217,200 on or before August 17.


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