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From Kiambu, Kenya to Missouri State University| The Inspiring Story of Isaac Kega



Isaac Kega’s story is a remarkable testament to the power of determination, resilience, and unwavering ambition. From his humble beginnings in Kikuyu, Kiambu County, Kenya, to his journey towards a Master of Science in Project Management at Missouri State University, Isaac’s path is nothing short of inspirational.

Isaac Kega at his home in Kikuyu

With an insatiable hunger for knowledge and driven by an unyielding desire to excel, Isaac’s journey began in the classrooms of his youth, where his dedication and commitment to learning set him apart. Blessed with supportive parents who spared no effort in providing him with the best educational opportunities, Isaac’s ambition knew no bounds.

But it was through the transformative KENYA Airlift Program that Isaac’s dreams truly began to take flight. Upon discovering this lifeline to his American dream, Isaac seized the opportunity with unwavering determination, leaving no room for chance. With the indispensable support and guidance of the program, Isaac navigated every obstacle with grace and courage.

The pivotal moment of his visa approval marked the culmination of years of tireless effort and unwavering faith and he is now living his American dream, thriving in his pursuit of knowledge and embracing every opportunity that comes his way in the vibrant community of Missouri.

The KENYA Airlift Program

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