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FULL VIDEO: Eric Omondi goes for Oga Obinna’s neck as cameras roll



Eric Omondi’s beef with fellow jester Oga Obinna took a violent twist as the two exchanged blows while in a radio studio on Friday morning.

The acrimonious incident played out during an interview at Kiss FM where Omondi had been invited by the new host Sheila Kwamboka (popularly known as Kwambox) who recently took the place of Kamene Goro at the station.

A visibly pissed off Omondi rose from his seat and was about to go for Obinna’s jugular before the two were separated by those in th room.

Sources intimated that even as Kwambox was making arrangements to have the comedian on the popular show, Obinna was opposed to the idea of him coming to the studio.

According to the latter,  Omondi is not worth interviewing since he only trash talks musicians and other comedians.

“Obinna had even threatened to leave his job if Eric showed up for the interview,” the source said.

Watch the FULL Interview here:

The tension between Obinna and Eric Omondi started building when Obinna objected to Kwambox’s decision to interview the comedian.

Eric was accompanied by bodyguards – an entourage he insists a president must walk around with for security purposes.

Oga Obinna and Eric enfages in a fight

The fight started after Obinna told Eric Omondi to stop hiding behind the veneer of comedy and come out openly and declare that he is fluid (read gay) .

According to Obinna, Omondi’s  dressing style tells it all.


Shortly before the physical altercation, the two exchanged bitter words, with Obinna accusing Eric of not doing anything in the comedy industry.

Obinna dismissed Eric, challenging his ‘president of African comedy’ title. He said Eric Omondi has only been going on village tours in Uganda.

“Apart from calling yourself the president of comedy… when was the last time you did a proper comedy show? Zero! You are always being called in ushago za Uganda” Obinna challenged Eric.



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