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Gachagua admits the govt has failed Kenyans, calls for resignation of NIS director Noordin Haji



Kenya;s Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has called for the immediate resignation of National Intelligence Service (NIS) Director General Noordin Haji, accusing him of presiding over a decline in the agency’s effectiveness since assuming office in June 2023.

Speaking from Mombasa on Wednesday, Gachagua expressed regret that under Haji’s leadership, the NIS had failed to accurately gauge public sentiment, particularly regarding the recently withdrawn Finance Bill 2024.

“The President was not adequately informed because the NIS did not fulfill its mandate to provide crucial information. This dysfunctional state has left the President, the government, and the Kenyan people vulnerable,” Gachagua remarked.

Gachagua went on to criticize Haji for the deaths, violence, and disruptions associated with the recent protests against the Finance Bill. “Noordin Haji must take accountability for the unfortunate incidents and resign from his position. The President should appoint a competent Director General who can fulfill the role effectively,” Gachagua insisted.

According to Gachagua, had Haji briefed President Ruto accurately on public opposition to the Bill, the President would not have forwarded it to Parliament, potentially preventing the violent protests that ensued, including the unprecedented breach of Parliament by demonstrators.

“I have been informed by officers of the National Police Service that they were not adequately briefed on the scale of the protests beforehand. This is unprecedented,” Gachagua added.

Continuing his critique, Gachagua accused Haji of destabilizing the NIS by sidelining experienced senior officials. “Upon assuming office, Haji sidelined senior personnel, leaving the agency devoid of experienced leadership. This has severely impacted the agency’s ability to function effectively,” Gachagua claimed.

“This restructuring has resulted in a weakened security sector, caught off guard by the intensity of recent events. A competent Director General could have prevented this situation,” Gachagua concluded.

Gachagua’s call for leadership change at the NIS underscores growing concerns over the agency’s operational efficacy and its role in providing critical intelligence to Kenya’s leadership.

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