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Google and Twiga Foods collaborate to use cloud services to combat food security



By Judith Gicobi

Twiga Foods, a Kenyan e-commerce and food delivery company, has partnered with Google to take advantage of the Cloud technologies of the internet giant to improve food availability in Kenya.

The agreement will assist Twiga in operating a productive food value chain that links farmers with retailers directly and enables more precise food item ordering, which will reduce the loss of perishable goods during the supply chain.

According to Google Cloud Africa Director Niral Patel, this will result in less perishable food being thrown away throughout the food startup’s distribution process.

“The work we are doing with Twiga Foods is not just about an e-commerce platform choosing a cloud provider to run its systems and store data. It also is about showing how technology and the power of AI and machine learning can help a nation address sustainability challenges head on such as waste reduction and food security,” Patel said.

When Twiga’s client base started to grow exponentially in 2015, it decided to build its core IT infrastructure on Google Cloud. Twiga was recently included on TIME Magazine’s 2022 list of “100 Most Influential Companies.”

Twiga states that it delivers to 10,000 consumers each day and that it has more than 100,000 registered customers. Additionally, it flaunts a network of more than 8,000 farmers and 700 staff.