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Government Faulted for Continuous increase of Food Prices



By Shadrack Nyakoe

The people of Kenya have become severely affected by the recent increase in the prices of food and basic commodities such as maize flour, wheat flour, cooking oil, cooking gas, milk, bread, sugar, petrol, diesel, kerosene, and fertilizer which have to threaten people with hunger and starvation.

Over 35% of Kenyans are suffering from the food crisis which may persist with the climate change in Sub-Saharan Africa where Kenya lies 86 out of 117 African Countries on the 2019 hunger Global index.

According to UNICEF, 9.9 million people drink directly from contaminated surface water sources and an estimated 5 million people practise open defecation.-washing facilities with soap and water at home.

A lobby group known as Kiamaiko Social Justice is calling for legislation that puts a standard price for basic commodities as follows: Maize flour – KES 60, Milk – KES 40(500 ml), Bread – KES 45 (400 g), Cooking Gas – KES 800 (6kg), KES 1200 (13kg), Petrol – KES 90 (1 litre), Diesel – KES 80 (1 litre), Kerosene – KES 70 (1 litre) and Sugar – KES 70 (1 kg).

“Provides and makes public a comprehensive status report on the supply and distribution of clean water by all water and sewerage companies throughout the country in conformity to the right of all Kenyans to clean water and sanitation as per Article 43 1(d) of the Constitution of Kenya (2010); Provides and makes public a comprehensive status report on the Galana-Kulalu Irrigation Scheme, citing any contracts, deals and partnerships involving the scheme,” they told the Press.

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