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GVSU’s Remarkable Graduation Celebration; Spotlight on Kenyan Graduates



Amidst the buzz of anticipation and the air thick with excitement, Grand Valley State University recently hosted its much-awaited graduation event. For the students, it wasn’t just a ceremony; it was the culmination of years of dedication, hard work, and unwavering belief in the American dream.

The atmosphere was charged with emotion as each graduate took to the stage, radiating with pride and anticipation for the journey ahead. It was a moment that transcended individual achievements, symbolizing the collective triumph of perseverance and determination.

The significance of this event extended beyond the confines of the university grounds. It was a testament to the transformative power of education and the boundless opportunities it offers

In the midst of all the excitement and accomplishment, it was particularly notable to witness a significant presence of Kenyan graduates among the esteemed cohort. Their presence was not just a representation of personal accomplishments but also a testament to the impact of The KENYA Airlift Program, the initiative that facilitated and guided them in this worthwhile pursuit.


The KENYA Airlift Program

The KENYA Airlift Program (KAP) is an award-winning initiative that has been accredited by the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC).

We help brilliant Kenyan students achieve the dream of studying in the US and Canada regardless of their financial background.

We only accommodate ambitious and incredibly talented Kenyans who are willing to take a leap of faith in pursuing STEM designated master’s programs. One can join us with ANY undergraduate degree major.

If you are interested in joining this fantastic program, please apply today by visiting our website at or give us a call at 0742849555




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May 2024

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