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Harmonize “murders” the Queen’s language once again as he begs Rwandese to forgive Diamond



Tanzanian Bongo flavor star Harmonize is back in the headlines after ‘murdering’ the Queen’s language in the process of asking Rwandese people to forgive his former boss Diamond Platnumz.

The Konde Music Worldwide CEO has been camping in Rwanda for the past few days and he used one of his TV interviews to talk about Diamond missing a show in the country.

Konde Boy was supposed to perform at the ‘One People’ concert’ that was supposed to go down on December 23rd, 2022 at the Bk Arena.

While apologizing on behalf of Diamond Platnamz, Harmonize said “I want to forgive him” instead of “I want to apologize” on his behalf.

However, he went on to correct himself- asking the people Rwanda to forgive his ex-mentor.

“My brother was supposed to have a show a few weeks ago in Rwanda but he didn’t show up. I don’t know what the problem was but I just want to take this opportunity on behalf of all Tanzanians to ask you to forgive him because you don’t know what happens in life sometimes.”

Adding, “I call upon all Rwandese to forgive him, I know next time he will make. Let’s take our music to the world.”

Harmonize and Diamond have not been seeing Eye to eye since Harmonize exited Diamond’s music label WCB back in 2019.

This comes just days after Harmonize claimed that Rayvanny was still under Diamond even after exiting the label.

In response, Rayvanny said;

“Lemme be honest with you. You are not on my level musically and financially. Yani sio tuzo, sio hits, sio numbers, sio chochote, I’m your father. Diampond unae msema ndio mtu anakufanya hadi leo upo sababu njia wahisi uliona utamaitain ni kumtukana. I’m too old for that.”

Unapost nyumba ya kupanga, range za mchongo sasa come to my own crib nikufundishe jissi ya kutengeneza pesa,”.

Vanny Boy says that he paid at least Sh68 million to terminate his contract at WCB Wasafi while Harmonize paid only Sh22 million but he is always crying in interviews about it.

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“You paid Wasafi Tsh600 million, umelia kwenye media zote mzee. In case you don’t know I paid Wasafi Tsh1.3 billion.

Ukihisi naongea sifuri fatilia au nenda Basata ukaulize na umeona nimeongea wapi? Money is nothing to me. Heshimu ndo kitu ninachokithamini. Ukiona siku nimeongea ujue nimekosewa heshima to the maximum,”  Vanny Boy blasted Harmonize.

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