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How American Landed Role in Terence’s Wash-Wash Comedy



  • In Kenya, the phrase ‘Wash Wash’ is used to describe shoddy and illegitimate businesses taking place in the underworld. These include money laundering, syndicates and fraud schemes.

    Recently, an exposé by a media personality alleged that a number of local celebrities and influencers were involved in printing fake currency and money laundering.

    As the allegations made headlines, set the agenda for multimedia discussions and debates, from panellists to experts, comedian Terrence Creative saw a gap and seized the opportunity not only to educate but entertain his audience on the same.

    Terrence’s comedy was rich with short skits of a Congolese character dubbed Papa Fred who runs a syndicate that targets businessmen and women by printing fake notes.

    An Image of Darren Collins
    An Image of Darren Collins

    Ngamwaya Kemikal. Mbiznes lengit (I will use a chemical and make you money through this legit business). This was among Terrence’s most famous phrases in the comedy series on YouTube.

    Among the cast, Terrence assembled in the ‘Wash Wash’ series, was his long-term friend, Darren Collins. The American plays a role as one of the leaders of the ring in the two-episode skit.

    However, little is known of him or how he came to be part of the viral YouTube skit.

    Speaking at an interview on Monday, October 11, Collins revealed that he has been living in Kenya for nearly six years. However, he fell in love with Kenya after visiting the country for the first time in 2012.

    His main purpose back then was to conduct a research study on Aids prevention and education using puppetry.

    Collins disclosed that he met Terrence during a comedy show at the Hilton Hotel in 2012. By then he used to act as a magician and displayed his work through puppets.

    The duo quickly struck a friendship and begun performing together at various joints in Nairobi where they would earn a paltry Ksh2,000 or Ksh3,000.

    They, later on, met comedian Fred Omondi, Eric Omondi’s brother, and hunted for gigs as a joint team.

    Terrance revealed that he used money from the gigs to fund his research on how to explore the market and diversify his art.

    While hustling together, the trio decided to experiment with their work by stepping out of their comfort zones and trying new content. They agreed to part ways to allow each other to grow but would always team up whenever necessary.

    “We started together, whenever one of them reached out, I would always turn up,” he stated,

    When Terrence shared the ideas of his new project, Darren was more than willing to be part of it and did not hesitate to jump aboard.

    He described Terrence Creative as a genius, adding that he was more than pleased to work with him.

    The American admitted that they never expected the skit to go viral despite the time and money invested into shooting the film.

    He argued that he played the role better due to the skills he garnered while acting like a magician. Collins added that he had never fallen prey to cons and his role in the skit was just but a character on tape and not in his real life.

    “Due to acting like a magician, I am able to detect a trick from far. Many have tried but unsuccessfully tricked me,” he stated, adding that many people see foreigners as naive whenever they tour Africa.

    File image of new generation bank notes
    File image of new generation bank notes

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