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How I was attacked by Asad Khan – rally driver Maxine Wahome



By Wanja Waweru

Maxine Wahome, a rally driver, now asserts that Asad Khan, who was killed, assaulted her and injured himself in the process.

Wahome claims in an affidavit submitted to the court that Khan woke her up on December 12 of last year and told her to exit his home.

“That, in the process, he attacked me and I took refuge at the balcony of the apartment where the deceased attempted to break the door using his feet,” the affidavit reads

She further claims that Khan thereafter injured himself on the balcony door window panes and took himself to the hospital.

Wahome says that she was advised by her parents not to leave the house and wait for the police.

She was detained by the police when they came because of the incident at Preston Court, where she shared a home with the late Khan.

She has pleaded with the court to release her on bail while she awaits trial, promising that she won’t flee the authority of the court and that she’ll show up every time without fail.

She declares that she won’t use intimidation, threats, or any other type of interference to stop any witnesses from testifying against her in the case.

“I am a rally driver by profession, however, owing to the nature of the charges filed against me, I am unable to continue pursuing my career. I therefore humbly request to be granted reasonable bail terms,” reads court papers.

Wahome was today charged with the murder of her boyfriend. He pleaded not guilty.

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