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How Kabogo’s look changed from this to this



Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has a new look. He appeared sporting a new hairstyle on Wednesday, April 5 during an interview on KTN News after a long absence from the public limelight.

Most Kenyans were used a to a bald Kabogo – from his days as Juja Member of Parliament, to his time as Governor of Kiambu County (2013-2017) and his recent period outside elective office.

However, when he appeared on Newshour Show on KTN News on Wednesday, Kabogo’s looks caught many people by surprise, including the host Ken Mijungu and viewers.

The former county chief sported fully grown hair, except for the central part of the head which exposed the receding hairline, probably due to genetic inheritance.

Ken Mijungu, the show host, could not contain himself. He told Kabogo that he was not used to seeing him with the long hair.

In response, the politician said: “It has been a long time [away from media limelight], and yes, this is me. My hairstyle, my choice.”


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Just as would have been  expected, Kenyans took to  social media after noticing the new look. He would later say in the show that Kenyans love him for who he is.

“Kenyans love Kabogo, and so they would love any hairstyle that I settle on,” he said.

Some online users said Kabogo’s hairstyle resembled that of Kenya’s third president Mwai Kibaki.

“This is Kibaki reincarnate,” read a comment on Twitter.

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