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How Mercedes S-Class driver succumbed to car fire in Pangani tunnel, Nairobi



A 45-year-old man has died after his car caught fire in a Nairobi tunnel the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Police reports indicate the deceased was driving a Mercedez Benz 5300 along Thika Road when the incident occurred in the Pangani area Tunnel at 1:20 am Sunday morning.

“A  fatal road traffic accident occurred today at about 0120hrs along Thika Super Highway at Pangani tunnel involving a motor vehicle registration number KCT 9851 make Mercedez Benz 5300 driven by an unknown male adult of about 45 years,” police said on Sunday.

According to authorities, the driver appered to have lost control of the car while negotiating a bend in the tunnel. He then hit the pavement’s wall whose impact led to the fire.

“On reaching at (sic) the location of the accident the driver lost control of the vehicle and hit a pavement wall. As a result of the impact the vehicle got fire on the spot,” police say.

“The driver managed to get out of the vehicle but unfortunately was overwhelmed by the fire flames and fall about one meter away and died on the spot,”

The fire was put out by the Nairobi City County Fire Brigade and body was moved to City Mortuary pending autopsy.

The mangled wreck was towed to Pangani Police Station.

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