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How Mombasa motorists abandoned officer to die



By Wanja Waweru

Eyewitnesses now report that Julius Marwa, a traffic officer who perished after being run over by a car, desperately begged drivers to take him to the hospital as he lay on the tarmac, fighting for his life.

Before eventually going silent and becoming as silent as a dodo, his loud cries for help would be his last words.

Following an outburst of road rage during a routine drive, Mohammed Juma Abdi ran over the cop.

Abdi was brought before the Mombasa Law Courts yesterday and released on a Sh500,000 bond awaiting the conclusion of the murder case’s investigation.

For the first time, Marwa’s coworker, who saw the terrifying event on the evening of February 27, has discussed it.

According to the officer who requested anonymity, Marwa’s life might have been spared if it weren’t for the ill will between traffic police officers and the general public, particularly drivers.

“I was confused, l tried to run after the car. I saw my colleague being dragged on the tarmac road, l tried to ask other motorists to block the vehicle for me but no one was willing to assist even after the deceased was thrown out of the moving vehicle. l stopped so many vehicles that l even lost count. l pleaded with each of the motorists to assist us move him (Marwa) to a nearby hospital but no one was willing to help,” he said.

The officer who broke down as he narrated the ordeal, stated that the deceased, in a final plea, asked a tuk tuk driver to drive him to the hospital as he feared he would die any moment.

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“As he lay on the ground in a lot of pain, he would gesticulate to motorists driving by, pleading with them to stop and rush him to hospital but nobody heeded his pleas. Instead, people just stood by, busy taking photos and videos as my colleague lay down. He breathed his last as l begged a motorist to drive him to hospital. l didn’t know the hate towards us is this bad, I am sad, I have been asking myself a lot of questions; are this the same Kenyans who expect us police officers to come to their rescue while in distress?” he posed.

Marwa’s body was yesterday removed from the Jocham hospital morgue to Coast General Hospital Mortuary where it was set to undergo postmortem.

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