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Man says police officers planted rolls of bhang on man, robbed him & handed him fare home



By Wanja Waweru

Police are investigating an incident in which a man claimed police officers put rolls of bhang into his pockets, handcuffed him before arresting him for illegal possession of bhang.

The man said as he was waiting to board a matatu to Kimende, three men in police uniform arrested him in River Road.

They told him they were police officers and asked for a bribe of Sh20,000 in exchange for his release even after he denied committing the said offence.

“They ransacked my pockets and took Sh2,000 that I had before forcing me to go and withdraw the Sh6,000 that was in my mobile wallet,” the victim said in his report.

The man said he can identify the agent where the withdrawal was made.

The three men then handed him Sh500 for his fare home.

He reported the matter at Lari Police Station but was referred to Nairobi where the incident happened. Police said they are investigating the incident.

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