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How shady seller ruined my first trip to Gikomba- Muthoni Irungu



By Wanja Waweru

Singer and media personality Muthoni Irungu made her inroads to Nairobi during her campus days. Coming from the village, the fast-paced nature of Nairobi was by itself a shocker as she narrates.

“I soon came to learn that nobody in Nairobi has time for you or your problems,” she says.

But her real ordeal started when she decided to go to the famous Gikomba to purchase some ‘camera’ pieces.

“Drip has always been life, so this particular day we went to look for some dope clothes which my friend and I were actually lucky to get. But my friend was not satisfied,” she says.

Despite it being a rainy day Muthoni and her friend decided to dig deeper and find some more pieces when the drama started unfolding.

“We stopped at one of the traders and my friend was busy trying out clothes. She got a skirt or 2 and it was now time to pay. Soon it started to drizzle. She gave out a Sh1,000 note and he went out to look for ‘change.’ We hesitated a bit but he insisted that he wouldn’t be long.

The rain had begun to fall at this point, and our trader was nowhere to be found. Everyone was too focused on getting out of the rain when we tried to ask around for his phone number or another means to get in touch with him. We made the decision to wait while pleading for the rain to cease. What was meant to be a quick in and out ended up taking hours.

My daughter made a valiant effort to ask people about the stranger we had just met. I was hoping that someone would come to our aid or reassure us that he was returning. All in vain! Nobody cared or showed any interest! We realized we had been out in the elements for too long and resigned ourselves to our fate.

That became the first and last time we ever stepped foot in Gikomba. As to the ‘change’ my friend has never received a single cent.”