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How Thika man boiled to death, only tooth remained



By Judith Gicobi

Thika accident victim Caleb Otieno was always paired with a coworker with whom he took lunch shifts.

He gave his coworker Sh50 last Friday to buy him lunch at the factory. When the colleague returned with the meal, though, Otieno had vanished.

He’d requested ugali with veggies, boiled green grams, and beans.

Otieno was entrusted with feeding metal pieces into a flaming furnace via a rolling mill.

His gloves unknowingly got trapped on the metals when he flung some of the pieces in, causing the mills to drag him onto the merciless machine that shattered him into bits before putting him into the furnace.

The first to be crushed were his limbs and head. Then his liquid body became mixed up with the melted steel, leaving only countable bone fragments at the base.

His coworkers were left in a state of terror and despair as a result of the tragic tragedy, with no idea what to do, especially with his meals.

According to the Thika subcounty DCIO Joseph Thuvi, they went to the facility on Sunday and gathered ashes and particles that looked like bones from the furnace.

Thuvi stated that the incident was being handled as a typical workplace accident.

As part of the investigation, the company’s directors and human resource officer paid a visit to the DCI office on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

The ashes of Otieno are being kept at the General Kago Funeral Home pending a postmortem assessment.

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