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How working for Wajackoyah cost me: Jaymo Ule Msee



By  Judith Gicobi

Wilson Muiraini, alias Jaymo ule Msee, the spokesperson for the Roots Party, said on Wednesday, August 24, that his loyalty to his party’s leader, George Wajackoyah, lost him deals with several businesses during the electioneering period.

Speaking on Spice FM, Jaymo said that he made a voluntary commitment to serve his country by declining any offers of compensation from sponsors during the campaign.

He added that Wajackoyah’s manifesto, which included a call to legalize commercial marijuana among other ideas and was viewed by some as provocative, caused the majority of brands to shy away from him.

“For them, they have contracts that say if you’re participating in politics, then you cannot market their brands, so it’s also a sacrifice for me. During that period, I was not being paid but I chose to do it because it was a personal decision. I don’t want to sit back and let things go haywire and come out lamenting later on,” he affirmed.

Jaymo stated that he would collaborate with organizations that share his values while revealing his future plans as a content creator following the campaigns.

The spokesman for the Roots party praised their followers for uniting behind their platform during the campaign. The polls from August 2022, he added, had influenced their strategy for the next General Election.

The spokesperson made reference to the successes and failures of the recently completed polls and said that the party should have made legalizing marijuana its top priority rather than including the subjects of selling hyena organs and snake breeding.

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With 61,969 votes, Wajackoyah finished third in the presidential election, trailing Raila Odinga (6,942,930) and president-elect William Ruto (7,176,141).

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