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‘I almost lost use of my right leg,’ Yvonne Okwara speaks after injury



Citizen TV news anchor is giving tips on how to protect your back while doing your workout. Okwara had been dealing with chronic pain in her lower spine.

Last year, she decide to go for spinal surgery to fix the problem. Six months after he surgery, she went back to exercising but as a beginner.

Getting back up and moving hasn’t been easy. Have had to make adjustments to my lifestyle. My #NewNormal

My biggest lesson is to protect your back at all costs. What happened to me, could happen and has happened to many. The lower back is vital, carries all your body weight and then some. Some key lessons to help you, even if you haven’t suffered a back injury

Yvonne Okwara

Okwara who likes to refer to herself as a fit anchorwoman advises that

1. Correct lifting technique- don’t bend over at the waist to pick up heavyweights, that includes everything, your grocery shopping, baby, heavy luggage etc

2. Correct sitting posture. Sit up, with your back straight, shoulders back. Don’t slouch.

3. Staying fit and in shape is not about being skinny, it also helped me recover faster from my surgery and helped give better outcome from my surgical procedure.

4. Importantly, get the right shoes during a workout or a run or that will give you good support and absorb the pressure and impact.

There are many more lessons. I’ll keep sharing. The fact that I can even walk like this is a miracle. Almost lost the use of my right leg completely. But here we are.

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