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I am capable of loving my two wives equally, declares Kenyan musician



Controversial Kikuyu gospel singer, Muigai wa Njoroge, says he is more than capable of loving more than one woman without a problem.

Njoroge, who is married to two women, recently told off Kenyans who have been vilifying him for practicing polygamy.

Njoroge insisted that polygamy is not a sin and urged Kenyans to stop judging him.

The ‘Wendo Uria’ hit-maker indicated that he was not compelled by anyone to marry his two beautiful wives, who live together happily.

“Stop judging me for having two wives. Having a second wife is not a sin, we have our lives as musicians. Some people who are here today have more than one wife but nobody asks them since they are not famous. But when God helps Muigai to add one more wife, the whole world starts fighting me,” said Muigai.

He also urged the ‘haters’ to stop misjudging celebrities over their marriage life.

“There are many Kenyans who are polygamous but do not go through such attacks and criticism. You want me to grow old so I can get another one? I am not a nun. Let us live our lives. I loved her and I could not leave her to stray around with my kids.” Said Wa Njoroge.

Mainly through social media posts, Kenyans have been vilifying artistes who are polygamous, with some calling the practice a recipe for chaos “especially especially in the unfortunately event of the man passing away.”

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