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I Choose Money over Fame, says Socialite Shakilla



Socialite Shakilla yesterday turned a year older. Shakilla who is now 20 years old said that rapper Cardi B influences her but she wants to be like Beyonce.

She was speaking in a question and answer show in a local radio station with her fans.

Shakilla said a while ago she was famous but broke like a church mouse.

I would choose money over fame. When you are a celebrity out here with no money and you want to please your fans, you cannot make it. There is that pressure that comes with fame. I was famous but very broke,” she said.

Shakilla added that most celebrities have a name but are very broke.

Some of these celebrities you see out here have no money. If you don’t have money, people will forget you easily, but with money, you can get anything you want.  Actually, Money can buy you happiness but fame cannot buy happiness.

Shakilla became popular after appearing on Eric Omondi’s wife Material series. Later on, she took a break from social media citing challenges she encountered while interacting with Kenyans online.

She added that she used to get depressed each time she logged in on social media.


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