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I did my KCSE from the police station – Kabi wa Jesus



Kabi wa Jesus revealed the inhabitable conditions he had to endure inside police cells as a KCSE candidate. He imparted that cops used to flog him a night prior to him writing a paper the next day.

“I was lousy behaved and mischievous and had to sit my exams and revert to the police cells as I wrote my KCSE exams, ” Kabi said

He added that cops used to accompany him to school in the mornings his papers were due and promptly whisk him back to the station after he finished.

‘I did not score a D+ as people assume, do I look that dumb? I had a C+’,Kabi hilariously disclosed to their 360,000 YouTube subscribers amid snickers from his wife Milly wa Jesus.

Kabi divulged as they both took turns answering questions on assumptions their followers had sent to them on their YouTube channel.

He implied that he would’ve scored much higher grades had he given his life to Christ much earlier as he is convicted he is a smart dude that did his best in regard to his misfortune at the time.


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