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‘I have been there…,’ Gukena FM’s Njoki Wa Mburu emotional message to Auntie Jemimah



Gukena FM’s radio presenter Njoki Wa Mburu has comforted her colleague Auntie Jemimah who lost her baby a few days ago.

Jemimah announced she had welcomed her baby at 34th week but unfortunately she passed on.

Expressing her words of encouragement, the breakfast host Njoki asked her to mourn her daughter so she can start the healing process.

Njoki revealed she had gone through the same said she could relate to the feeling but asked her not to allow the situation to traumatize her.

“My dear I totally feel you! I have been there I know want it feels like…a mother’s love to a baby sprouts on the very fast second of conception..

34 weeks is a full-grown ready for birth..It’s only you who can understand the loss! Everyone else usually say ah..

Ata hakakua kamezaliwa..I heard it and it pierced me like a needle. Darling mourn your baby so that you can start the healing process..”

She then pledged to support her by lifting her in prayers.

“Accept what has happened and refuse to get traumatized that you can never go through a whole term and hold a bundle of joy because that is very likely to happen…

No you will smile again! Much love. We are together in it! We are together in it!”

Other media presenters who sent condolence messages include;

Gukena FM drive Co-host  Wagura Wa Githui wrote; “You are the strongest woman that i know. May God grant you peace. Allow little Nduta to rest well.

MC Kajim wrote: “The fruit of your womb will be blessed…it’s well it’s well…God will surely reward you.”

Keziah Wa Kariuki: Woi pole sana sweetie I know it is not easy I was ones there but our good Lord will comfort your heart. May she rest with the angels.

Muthoni Wa Kirumba: Hugs and peace mresh….In Everything, we give thanks God.

Muthoni Mukiri: Hugs mama. Praying for you. May God see you through this.

Njoroge Wa Githinji: Oh noo… My prayers and thoughts are with you and may God Grant you peace during this trying moment.