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I have divorced Samidoh after seeing a photo of him accompanied by Karen Nyamu, says wife



The spouse of popular Mugithi artiste Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh, has announced that she is done with the marriage.

Eddah Nderitu says she can’t take it any more

This is after photos of Samidoh and nominated Senator Karen Nyamu went viral online.

The two “reunited” at the funeral service for Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua’s sister-in-law earlier in the week.

The two have two children together, and had parted ways after an altercation last December in Dubai where the senator confronted Samidoh and Eddah.

At the funeral, the two appeared to be happy as they sat next to each other in the funeral service Thursday. Their show of affection rubbed many the wrong way considering how they ended their affair in December 2022.

Towards the end of last year , a drunk Senator Nyamu caused a scene in a Dubai club where Samidoh had been performing. At the time, Samidoh was accompanied by his wife, Eddah.

At one point, Nyamu and Eddah fought in front of Samidoh before the singer whisked his wife away, leaving Senator Nyamu being roughly escorted out of the club by bouncers. Following this incident and the immediate backlash, Senator Nyamu announced that she was ending her relationship with Samidoh.

There were doubts whether the two had really ended their relationship as Senator Nyamu would on occasion praise Samidoh on social media for being a great father.

But after their photo at the funeral went viral, Eddah announced that she was done with her marriage of 15 years to Samidoh and would not raise her children in a polygamous marriage.

“It has been exactly 15 years of marriage full of ups and down. It was a humble beginning where little was enough for us, and the last three years it has been nothing but pain. I have remained faithful to you regardless of [the] disrespect, humiliation and being trolled on social media; you’ve made me look dumb and took my silence for granted.

“I have helped you nurture your talent and supported you through it all, but one thing I have said to you and I am saying here again—I will not raise my kids in a polygamous family, especially with a woman who is older than me by more than 10 years, has no morals and zero respect to my family.

“‘Kiura Kia ngaba’, as you put it, I have asked God every day to give me strength to pray for you but today I have nothing to tell God about you. You have dragged and put me and my kids in an ocean of pain. May you remember this day. #nothingbutprayers #eddaynderitu,” Eddah said.

“You are so wicked Nyamu. Are you happy destroying someone’s marriage? You will pay for it. Remember curses are generational and so be careful when you are making another woman shed a tear. Your time is coming and be ready to face the same situation,” said Lin_Njoks.

Senator Nyamu responded by saying, “That is your foolishness. Am I not a woman and are my children not children? The real evil woman is not me.”

Bernice Saroni, another supporter of Eddah’s, waded into the drama, asking Senator Nyamu if she was happy that she had managed to break and end Samidoh’s marriage. Ms Saroni, a Kenyan music promoter in the US, received him when he arrived in the USA for his 2022 Mugithi Tour that spanned several states before he left for Dubai in the last quarter of 2022.

“Uiii, God why this? As I write this, I’m in tears. I know this shoe very well. Nothing painful to be humiliated by your fellow woman. Today let me fight this in prayers…why is 254 far?

“I just want to come and give you a hug and remind you I love you and you’re loved by many and celebrated; and you’re enough. You got it baby girl. Karen, congratulations for the pics. You have always been posting from day one. Whatever you wanted, you have achieved. How do you feel being a pain in Edday Nderitu’s life? Nkt,” said Ms Saroni.


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