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‘I have stabilised the Economy,’ President Ruto declares



The opposition has consistently referred to the condition of the economy as “deplorable” in their numerous political rallies, and President William Ruto has come out swinging in response.

President Ruto proudly announced that he had effectively stabilized the economy while speaking in Mombasa on Friday.

Ruto blamed his predecessor’s method of operation for the alleged mess the economy was in when he took office, but claimed that he made fixing it the first thing on his to-do list.

“My first assignment the last five months was to consolidate and stabilise the economy of our country that had been battered by reckless borrowing and unnecessary subsidies,” he said in an address during the launch of the Taifa Gas plant in Dogo Kundu.

“That is why today the economy of Kenya has stabilised, and I want to assure all our citizens that we will not go back to reckless borrowing, we will not go back to subsidies that benefit brokers, cartels, and people who are politically correct.”

The President went ahead to state that, after sorting out the economy as he insists, he has, he is now moving to something else more urgent; the high cost of living.

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