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‘I make a cup of hot something,’ Kambua is having pregnancy Insomnia



For her second pregnancy, gospel singer Kambua is having insomnia. The singer cum TV presenter says she now wakes up and makes herself something hot.

“Safe to say I’ve been having preggos insomnia M, Initially I’d toss and turn for hours. Then I decided to make the best of my “awake” time while my world sleeps…,” she wrote on social media

She continued;

“Usually I make a cup of hot somn’, and then start to listen to some of my fav speakers/ teachers…or just listen to music on YT,”

Kambua who is expecting her second child went on to share some of the things she learnt during her insomnia.

“Listennnn its been such a refreshing time for my spirit & mind. The other day I listened to my BFF (in my head,)- Ms. Priscilla Shirer. This particular message moved me deeply. Let me share a little of what I took from it”



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