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“I still can’t sleep on my right side,” MaryaPrude admits after painful child loss



Mary Irungu aka MaryaPrude was recently interviewed by Switch TV for World Infant Loss Day. Willis Raburu’s ex-wife who has been spoken a lot in the past about the loss of her daughter Adana, revealed more about that horrific time.

She spoke about how her pregnancy journey had been so good only to lose her baby as a stillborn;

“I have a very deep relationship with God. I couldn’t understand how I could have gone through such an amazing pregnancy journey then he had taken my kid!”

What about infant loss by fathers and husbands? Do they also feel it? Marya was asked. She replied;

Marya and her ex, Raburu

Willis and Marya’s wedding


She said that since the loss of her baby girl, she still hadn’t been able to sleep on her right side, saying;

“Even today I still can’t sleep on my right side. Don’t forget that in hospital, you are told to sleep on your left side.”

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