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“I was bleeding” Karen Nyamu shares unknown details about difficult pregnancy with Samidoh’s baby



Politician cum lawyer Karen Nyamu has had her share of drama on social media; especially after baby daddy Samidoh chose to stick to his first wife; leaving Ms Nyamu with title of a baby mama.

However, Samidoh’s decision to dump the politician – somehow cost him; and for some reason he was forced to issue an apology to his fans for cheating on his wife; but hey, it’s never that serious.

Since then Ms Nyamu seems to have earned the title of a socialite (too much drama) and we can’t help but keep up with her; especially since she  shares unknown details about her relationship with the Mugithii singer.

Details on low key pregnancy

Speaking recently during an interview with Picha clear, Ms Nyamu revealed that she got pregnant after 2 weeks of dating Samidoh.

However just like most pregnancies – she too had her own struggles i.e morning sickness, unnecessary cravings, loss of appetite; but the worst part is after she started spotting in the first trimester.

Well, it’s known that bleeding is red flag to all pregnant women; and after seeing the blood, Ms Nyamu panicked as she knew that chances of losing the baby were really high. During the interview the mother of 2 said;

Apart from nausea…I didn’t have much

My first trimester was okay. I was nauseated, I didn’t have appetite and I didn’t know what to eat…chicken. But I didn’t want to eat a lot. I remember that time we’re on lockdown and this challenge – don’t rush wa going on too much. So I associate that song with nausea.

She went on to add

Apart from nausea… I remember I had an incident of bleeding and I had to call my doctor who put me on a hormone progesterone’ which I had to use till the end of 1st trimester to hold the baby.

Watch the video below courtesy of Picha Clear.

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