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‘I was paid to act,’ Blogger exposes Ebru TV show that catalyzed his depression



Comedian and blogger Kim Koima says he was depressed when he appeared on the Ebru TV’s show ‘Closure’.

Koima, whose video went viral after being ridiculed for being a two seconds man in bed cataylzed his depression

Taking to social media, he revealed that the show was scripted and that he met the girl on set. But after it went viral, people made fan of him as he became a broke famous person.

When this video aired I was at the lowest point in my life. I was depressed, broke and had some issues at school(academics). I was in my brother’s car going home to Nandi County, then it started trending and my phone all of a sudden was blowing up with calls and texts. Everybody was like “Koima is this you?”.

Some even made fun of it, my COUSin called me and told me not to read the comments and so I was curious, went and read like 3 and I switched off my phone. Most of the comments were filled with hate and bitterness. The video trended upto like #12, I know this because people sent me screenshots on whatsapp.

Suddenly I was famous but veery broke! Peeps used to stop me in town and ask “wewe ni ule Koima wa ebru??”. This got to me a little and the depression really harassed me. I have never even watched this video, my friends are always reminding me of it. But I thank God and my big brother who really believed in me even in my lowest moments. I made it out okay, now i am happy but still working on my dream. Depression has been killing young people and I thought its time I talk about my story and try and spark a conversation.

From the experience Koima is set to speak about depression on his podcast ‘Brutally Honest’.

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By Mpasho

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