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I’ll bounce back as strong as a butcher’s dog, MP Moses Kuria tells Kenyans



Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria is promising to bounce back in 2022, “fit as a butcher’s dog.”

In a new year’s message posted on social media, the member of parliament who is hospitalized in a Dubai hospital said his health is improving and he is on the path to recovery.

“Although 2021 was  challenging year, I’ll bounce back and I’ll be well in the year 2022. I have been going through my medication and medical attention here in Dubai,” he said in a video posted on Facebook.

“I plan to be back home in 2022 to resume my duties and praying to God that I’ll be healthy and fit. As fit as a butchers dog to be able to resume my duties and to work for the good of the nation.”

Kuria is recuperating after undergoing stem cell surgery at the undisclosed medical centre.

Kuria revealed in December last year that he would be among pioneers to undergo stem cell surgery in the world.

“I am scheduled for stem cell surgery this week. This is a rare surgery and I will be among the pioneers to undergo it in the world,” he said.

The legislator’s feet exploded after standing on an electric mat for four hours, sustaining third-degree burns.

He thanked Kenyans for standing with him in prayers throughout the tough time he has been through.

The MP noted that the time he has been outside the country has made him realise Kenya is a beautiful country, and Kenyans should cherish it.

“I personally, even if I’m given five chances to be born again, I’d choose to be born a Kenyan because we have a great country, we are great people, we are warm people. Many people would want to be born or belong to a country called Kenya.”

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Kuria said that election seasons in Kenya are never easy.

“There is a possibility that we will be divided but we can choose as Kenyans to make this the most peaceful and most unifying election and one that is going mark a difference. We don’t need any laws, we don’t need any statutes, we don’t need to be forced by anyone to be peaceful,” he said.

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