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I’m ready to leave Sh880,000 pay for Sh350,000: Homa Bay CEC nominee



By Wanja Waweru

A candidate for a position on the Homa Bay County Executive Committee stunned the screening committee by saying she was willing to quit her current employment, which pays her Sh880,000 per month, in order to assume a position in local government, where her salary would be less than Sh350,000.

Governor Gladys Wanga’s nominee to lead the Health docket, Ms. Roselyn Omolo, stated that she intends to move back to her home area to serve for “her people.”

She also mentioned that Homa Bay has cheaper living expenses.
Ms. Omolo claimed that Nairobi’s prices for necessities were excessively expensive.
“The cost of living is rather lower in Homa Bay than in Nairobi. I am therefore ready to relocate and work within my county, where the cost of living is affordable,” she said.

The first person to come before the screening committee at the assembly on Monday morning was the applicant, a certified communication specialist.


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