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When you belong to the world’s most rich & famous list you can afford to go all out on your dream home. Some of these celebs took it to the next level and some simply flew to outer space with their dreams. What do they all have in common other than huge fortunes?

Successful celebrities can choose to live almost wherever they want and build their nest the way they want it to. They can choose the style, setting, location, and size along with other luxuries and amenities. Prepare to see the wildest celebrity homes as you’ve never seen before…

Queen Latifah is a much-loved and well-recognized rapper. The first home she purchased was a luxury house that was built in 2001. The place was offered for sale for $2.4 million later, and the 7,000 square feet of opulence is nestled on nine acres of beautiful land that is surrounded by lovely estates and equestrian farms.

In 2014, the price dropped mid-year to $2.35 million, though the buyer actually ended up closing the deal for less than that. The eye-catcher is an Olympic-sized pool that is actually heated! Latifah has $60 million in her savings account in 2018 to splurge on another luxury home for herself!

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