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Influencer Risper Faith caught faking life on Instagram



BY Wanja Waweru

Risper Faith has been exposed for lying about her way of life on Instagram.

The influencer, also known as Lady Risper, uploaded a picture of herself on October 26, 2022, wearing a stunning maroon coat with a black bodycon dress.

Her hair was styled perfectly, and the handbag that went with it completed the look.

She captioned the photo and credited photographer Paul Pichaz for taking it: “If you are waiting for Risper Faith season to be over, am here to let you know that it doesn’t.”

A keen social media users quickly saw that Lady Risper had actually taken another person’s image, added her face to the body, and altered the skin tone to make it appear lighter.

The original owner of the body and the image that Risper copied is Ms. Kristine, an American digital content producer who writes about curvy women who are stylishly on-trend.

The photo shopped image of Risper Faith. PHOTO: COURTESY


The image was first published by Ms. Kristine on December 1, 2016, but Lady Risper stole it roughly six years later.

Curiously, Nairobi News decided to choose a random photo to see if Lady Risper had falsified any other stuff on her Instagram account.

It turns out that she was also not the owner of the oatmeal porridge with bananas, blueberries, and peanut butter.

She captioned the breakfast meal photo, “Good morning, having a superfood peanut butter oatmeal bowl for breakfast SLAPS!!!”

The picture however belongs to American food blogger Bethany who runs the A Simple Plate website.

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