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Insights Into On Campus Jobs and Cybersecurity Masters in America



Meet Alex Gichuki and Brian Kiptalam, two Kenyan Masters students at Grand Valley State University, as they shed light on their remarkable experiences in pursuit of the American dream and their new life in this land of limitless opportunities.

Alex Gichuki and Brian Kiptalam at the University of Alabama in Huntsville

They narrate about their American journey with enthusiasm, shedding light on the abundance of on-campus job opportunities that sustain them and many other students. From roles in academic departments to positions in student services, they discuss how these jobs not only provide financial support but also valuable experience and networking opportunities.

Moreover, they delve into the IT master’s courses particularly cybersecurity, highlighting its relevance and the lucrative career prospects it offers in North America’s ever-evolving technological landscape.

Drawing from their own experiences, their invaluable advice to prospective students is to consider taking up relevant IT foundational courses prior to embarking on pursuing the technological master’s programs, emphasizing the importance of skills like Python in the field.

They explain that a strong foundation in programming languages such as Python is crucial for success in the programs, as it forms the backbone of many cybersecurity tasks, including scripting, automation, and data analysis. By honing these skills beforehand, students can better navigate the coursework and excel in their studies, ultimately positioning themselves for lucrative career opportunities in North America.

Alex and Brian are proud beneficiaries of The KENYA Airlift Program.

The KENYA Airlift Program

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We help brilliant Kenyan students achieve the dream of studying in the US and Canada regardless of their financial background.

We only accommodate ambitious and incredibly talented Kenyans who are willing to take a leap of faith in pursuing STEM designated master’s programs. One can join us with ANY undergraduate degree major.

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