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Intense Heat Wave Grips Central and Southern US on Father’s Day



A significant heat wave is poised to scorch a vast expanse of the central and southern United States this upcoming Father’s Day Sunday. Just days before the official start of summer, the National Weather Service has issued warnings for residents in the South and Midwest who plan outdoor Father’s Day activities.

Record-breaking temperatures, soaring into the 90s, are anticipated in certain regions.

Heat Dome Intensification: An exceptionally robust heat dome is forming over the East, extending into the Midwest and Great Lakes regions throughout the week. Conditions are expected to persist and potentially escalate daily.

Heat Domes Explained: These weather phenomena trap and bake stagnant air under prolonged sunshine, leading to day-by-day temperature escalation.

Sunday’s Scorching Forecast:

  • Plains and Midwest: Predicted temperatures climbing into the mid- to upper 90s.
  • Great Lakes area: Projected range from upper 80s to low 90s.
  • Mississippi River Valley: Under a Level 3 heat alert, signifying major risks of heat-related impacts.

Health Risks: Millions face heightened health risks due to extreme heat. Statistically, heat poses a greater threat than hurricanes and tornadoes combined.

City Highlights:

  • Atlanta: Extreme heat with temperatures reaching up to 94 degrees.
  • Chicago: Monday’s forecast—94 degrees with heat indices peaking at 97 degrees.
  • Upper Ohio Valley and Great Lakes: Mid- to upper 90s, potentially breaking records.

Northeast Impact: Heat conditions persist through the week, with some areas facing heat indices as high as 105 degrees.

Precautions Urged: Residents advised to take extra precautions. Overnight lows offer little respite from the heat and humidity.

Urban Core Concerns: Detroit’s daytime temperatures nearing the high 90s provide minimal nighttime relief.

Stay informed, stay hydrated, and prioritize safety during this intense heat wave!

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