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‘It took 10 takes to get the cigar smoke in music video,’ Bahati



Bahati was on the morning Kiss with Kamene Goro and Jalango.

He is promoting his new single Wewe Ni Mungu, his comeback song to gospel. In the album, Bahati promotion artwork included him smoking a cigar.

He said this is the first time that he smoked one.

“I have never used any drugs, it took 10 takes for us to get that smoke effects,” Bahati defended himself.

Asked if he has ever taken alcohol, he hesitated to answer that. Instead, he asked Kamene and Jalas, “Ushainiona?”

Promoting his latest music video, Bahati explained, “This song is a gift to thank God. It is the most special video from the album. It is the most expensive of all the productions I have done.”

He continued, “A normal audio cost Ksh 20,000 but on this one I spent Ksh 100,000. Let me not talk about the budget because people just say, but look at the quality.”

Check out the video below.

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