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It’s a shame politicians are hopping from one funeral to another in villages-Natembeya



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Rift valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya has criticised politicians in Transzoia County for galavanting from one burial to another instead of concentrating on development.

Mr. Natembeya who is known for his quick wit said many politicians have perfected the art of attending funerals to take advantage of the crowds.

He was speaking at Onsorogai area in Cheragany Constituency.

He said:””They have placed people in each village to inform them of funerals and who are the speakers so that they attend and request for applauses from mourners as if they are the most bereaved.”

Adding: “Imagine politician x has given five thousand as offering such that if you add one thousand you will score against him or her. So sad we delight in our people’s sorrow,” he said.

Mr. Natembeya urged residents to stop giving such leaders an audience since they are not pro-development.

“You just know this person stole this money he brings it to the funeral and gives a hundred thousand and asks to be prayed by the presiding bishop as if he is the dead man. shame on them,” he added.

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